Site Update

11.01.2020 :: Uploading new site design. Less of any SWF/Flash files.

07.18.2020 :: Started migrating files. Need to find how to save
my old flash files. December 2020 will be the end of flash files support.

06.28.2020 :: Had a friend draw a new picture logo/design for my site.
Copyrights concern. Will update that later.

11.28.2019 :: Moved to a new hosting site -
Will be with them for 4 years.

05.03.2015 :: Will be starting my new job tomorrow. Hope I do good.
Coke Gallery is up & running now too!

12.07.2014 :: Claimed the domain name
Moving to a new webhost too!
Working on completing my new Coke Gallery.

11.26.2014 :: Busy with work. BUT I will make time to update
this site mainly for my Coca-Cola Collection.

Wish me luck. (: