n. pl. e·ter·ni·ties

* time without beginning or end; infinite;  being eternal; afterlife; a very long or seemingly endless interval / waiting; ageless, timeless existence, everlasting; unceasing, continuing forever, unending.
* from my fave song ever ... Color Me Badd's For All Eternity.

Shaui's Update

05.03.2015 :: Will be starting my new job tomorrow. Hope I do good.
Coke Gallery is up & running now too!

12.07.2014 :: Claimed the domain name
Moving to a new webhost too!
Working on completing my new Coke Gallery.

11.26.2014 :: Busy with work. BUT I will make time to update
this site mainly for my Coca-Cola Collection.

Wish me luck. (:

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Note: March `05 "Colour Everywhere",
aired on Channel 2

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Shaui Recommends
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Howie Day

(Full song) 978kb
[ grabs: ]

A melancholic, hypnotic song. Two people, in different places, timing's bad, things are screwed up ... at the end of the day, realizing somehow they "collide".

Damien Rice

(Full song) 1217kb
[ grabs: ]

Love. Weakness. Affair. Obsession. Irony. End. Heard it ... loved it... ganun lang! 'Courage, teach me to be shy'

Hold On Hope
Guided By Voices

(Full song) 826kb
[ grabs: ]

I just find it good...something about a hero...bruised but unbeaten by circumstances. 'Everybody's got a hold on hope. It's the last thing thats holding me.'

You And Me

(Full song) 767kb
[ grabs: ]

A sweet, mellow, relaxed song...makes you wanna fall in love with the gentle strumming of the guitar. If you haven't heard this song...where have you been? What have you been listening to?

Ever The Same
Rob Thomas

(Full song) 884kb
[ grabs: ]

Whether with his band, Matchbox 20, or not...excellent vocals and great writer. I love him. This is the mushy version he did on AMA'05. Just listen! (xtra: get the original/album version too! 757kb Download )

You're Beautiful
James Blunt

(Full song) 801kb
[ grabs: ]

Enticing voice, catchy melody and touching lyrics ... the song's beautiful!!! (xtra: this is the radio edit, in the other version instead of "flying high" it goes "f*****g high")

I Will Love You

(Full song) 902kb
[ grabs: ]

Fisher became the 1st band (Kathy Fisher & Ron Wasserman) signed to a major label deal on the basis of the strength of its musical downloads. With Fisher's voice, described as a hot rock wrapped in velvet, check out this touching ballad that make listeners feel and "react".

Drinking In The Woods
Jimmy Fallon

(Full song) 665kb
[ grabs: ]

Who cares if this is a good song or not? I simply adore the guy. Yup! He's funny, got the boyish looks and, he can sing! Besides, his album did get a nomination for a Grammy. (xtra: for kulit factor and comedic purposes only!)

My Aphrodisiac Is You
Katie Melua

(Full song) 844kb
[ grabs: ]

Tagged as "the next Norah Jones", Katie brings a combination of jazzy drama, devilish blues, dreamy romance in her music to a honky-tonky seduction in this song. (xtra: para maiba naman!)

Best I'll Ever Be
Sister Hazel

(Full song) 1142kb
[ grabs: ]

The theme of loss (again) and hope (yet) is overwhelming in this song. As always, this song shows their style: jangle-pop! yup! jAngle with an A! Anyone who has ever lost love will instantly relate to this.  

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